The LillyPad project explores the use of a PDA for data entry and learning in a group setting. We are working with the Center for Earth and Environmental Science at Indiana University ~ Purdue University, Indianapolis. We created a PDA application to facilitate data entry and learning for their Lilly ARBOR Project. The Lilly ARBOR project is a wetlands restoration project where they are monitoring tree growth and invasive plants and animals.

The LillyPad PDA application performs data entry as well as provides information about the tree and related plants and animals. The data can be used to help identify the trees for measurement and for learning about wetlands reclamation.

Data entry screen
Data entry with number keypad

Tree information
Information about similar trees

Statistics about previous measurements
Graph of tree growth over time

Information about animal damage
Information about invasive vines

Information about good and bad trees that grew on their own
Wireless messaging between groups


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